***New Solar discovery that will surprise you***

***Did you Know?***
***Solar-powered Green houses generate electricity used for production of Ugwu and Cucumbers-Amazing!***
***New Solar discovery that will surprise you***

Researchers in the U.S. have been investigating ways to make transparent, see-through solar panels to effectively resemble glass so that we could use them as window panels at the same time as converting the light that shines on them into electricity.

Finally,that level of research paid off.Now Apart from roof-top solar units,we now have another kind of solar unit namely-See-through solar.

They are highly transparent solar cells  that are a huge source of  energy and could harvest more power than rooftop solar units if applied to windows.

The widespread use of such solar applications together with the rooftop units could nearly meet global demand and  reduce reliance of fossil fuels – says the research team.

It has also being confirmed  that by harvesting only invisible light these solar devices can provide a similar electricity-generation potential as rooftop solar while providing additional functionality to enhance the efficiency of buildings, automobiles and mobile electronics.

They are cheap and environmental-friendly and could revolutionize the energy sector.

What it therefore means is that householders and businesses alike will definitely have alternatives to solar energy for use as time goes by.Who says the solar isn’t the future?


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