***Nine things Solar can do for You!***

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***Solar Panel Installations-Acting as agents of Beauty***
***Nine things Solar can do for You!***

There are quite a number things you can actually do with solar energy you never dreamed of.Its not just the sun,its much more.Check these out…

 Cook your food

Solar cooking works on the same  principle as it does with solar panels.Sun rays are reflected to a concentrated point, where a (well-insulated) cooking pot absorbs the heat.They are increasingly being used in refugee camps and in disaster struck regions, where access to fuel may be restricted

Produce your drinks(Alchohol)

A brewery in Michigan in the US has invested in 300 solar thermal tubes to heat the water it uses in its attached restaurant as well as in the beer making process itself.

Solar powered and poison free. (Source: Flickr/Wystan)

Cut your grasses

An automatic solar powered lawn mower is if nothing else, an innovative bit of fun that shows the breadth of solutions open to solar technology.

Fly a plane

A  jumbo jet sized Solar Impulse craft flew from Madrid to Rabat earlier this year with only its pilot on board.

Power a stadium

Taiwan’s Dragon Stadium is powred with solar energy.The “scales” on the spiralled dragon-shaped arena are in fact solar panels providing all of the electricity required to run the stadium


Turn seawater into drinking water

With water scarcity one of the related and amplified consequences of climate change, this solar-powered solution could prove to be very useful in the future.

The technology uses a concentrated solar power (CSP) plant, which generates electricity by focusing the suns rays on a liquid-filled tank to drive a turbine. This electricity is then used for an attached (energy hungry) desalination plant.

Provide electricity for a village

A provision by RTCC has provided small scale solar energy for rural communities in Africa. A number of schemes, such as Eight19’s pay as you go system has helped improve health (by cutting out the need for indoor kerosene burning) and save residents money.

Rescue and save lives

A solar-powered fridge can keep vaccines and other medicines cool for ten days between charges and in any location, freeing access to health care from the confines of electricity grids and the cost of diesel generators.This helps to solve societal problems and improve quality of lives especially for 1.5 billion people who have no access to electricity.

Power a space station

Solar panels keep satellites running for years without any human presence or physical refuelling.

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