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Reasons You Must Go Solar In 2020
NERC approves increase in electricity tariff.

Solar power has evidently become the trend in Nigeria as people go through many hardships and tired of using generator due to fuel and maintenance costs.

If you want to save and reduce your outrageous electricity bills in 2020, you need to act fast like many homes who have converted to using solar power instead of fossil fuels and have save over 80% on fuel costs.

Let us consider ways solar power can help you save your electricity costs in year 2020

Eliminate outrageous electricity bill; your local utility rates are probably higher than you would like. Unfortunately, saving your money in this situation may not be easy to achieve.

When you choose to install a full solar home solar system, you can better control your average electricity costs over a year. However, solar systems can save almost any homeowner thousands of Naira over the life of the product, which is two decades or more.

Low/zero maintenance; once installed, solar panels require very little or zero maintenance. They are installed at an angle, which allows rain to run off freely, washing dirt and dust away. As long as you keep them from becoming dirty, solar panels could last for over 25 years with little loss in efficiency.

No costs of fuel or generator stress; another benefit of going solar this season is the fact that you will not have to worry about generator wahala, which comes with maintenance, noise, fumes and petrol costs. Imagine being able to give your family 24hrs solar power this season without buying petrol to run generator!

As we, all know that fossil fuel is not free, very expensive and dirty. The price is volatile too and has increased systematically over the past decade and hopeful will still increase soon.  However, there is no fuel cost for sunlight; it is simply free right from the day of installation.

Have you heard about our zero deposit full solar home system?

You and your family can now get a 24hrs full solar home system at zero deposit down for a sustainable 2020.

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