Should I Choose a Local Solar Installer or a National One?

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Should I Choose a Local Solar Installer or a National One?

When you decide to make the shift to solar, you have a range of providers to choose from. One question that you might find yourself asking is whether to go with a national provider with a recognizable name and reputation or a small scale one who seems to offer a more localized, responsive and cheap service.  In fact, national solar providers  have established themselves due to their ability to put together a solar home system service that can meet every consumer need and expectation irrespective of their location. In this article we tell you some of the benefits of national solar power providers.

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Established Local Networks

  • There is a natural comfort in engaging a local and smaller solar power provider given their proximity to your place of residence or workplace. In fact, one of the first questions any solar company is likely to have to answer is ‘Where is your office?’ However, this should not be the sole consideration for anyone considering investing in solar. It is critical to assess each providers capacity to actually deliver on their promises. For example, a national solar provider may not have an office in each locality across the country. However, they are guaranteed to have an inhouse network of professional local engineering staff who can conduct installations and any necessary repairs. They will also offer a 24/7 customer care service.


  • National solar power providers have a large customer base. This gives them increased revenues over time which they can use to keep creating a variety of financial products that make going solar more affordable for consumers. A comparison of larger national solar power providers and smaller local ones highlights a much wider range of financial options. In addition to outright purchase, well established national providers also offer lease to own and pay as you go products for residential customers. Long-term power purchase agreements for businesses are also available for up to 10 years.

High Quality Service

  • National solar power companies are often responsible for developing the best customer service practices in the industry. This has been a major contributor to their success and growth. Due to their upward financial capacity they can recruit the best talent and invest in ongoing training for staff. They also have the economies and competencies of scale to offer concrete guarantees to their customers such as warranties and regular servicing and maintenance at little or no additional cost to the consumer. This is markedly different to smaller scale providers  who may have no choice but to sell solar as a product rather than an ongoing service due to the overheads that would be incurred.



Greater Accountability

  • As a consumer you can hold a well-established solar power brand to account. They are built on a mission and vision to bring long term value and satisfaction to their customers and they are well aware that negative practices can damage their reputation and cause consumers to abandon their service.

In a nutshell, there are local and national companies that can provide you with solar power and ultimately the decision is yours. We hope that this article has enlightened you to the key benefits offered by the latter. With the hike on fuel prices and electricity tariffs there’s no better time to make a commitment to sign up for affordable, clean, 24-hours power.

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