Simple ways going solar will boost your finances.

World Bank: “Nigeria’s Mini-Grid Sector Set to Boom in 5 Years Time”

When considering solar energy for a home, many people begin by asking “how much does it cost to go solar?”. This makes sense – after all, it’s important to find out what kind of financial resources are required and whether going solar is a possibility given your financial situation. Fortunately, there are very attractive financing choices like zero deposit down solar options, that make solar affordable and accessible to many more people.

In addition to looking at solar as a purchase that has a cost, solar panels can also be looked at as a way of boosting finances. This is because switching to clean solar energy can generate attractive financial benefits that rival the returns of other places you can put your money.

Solar Controls Energy Costs

  1. Solar can mean lower utility bills.

Your local utility rates are probably higher than you would like. Unfortunately, saving your money in this situation may not be easy to achieve.

When you choose to install a full solar home solar system, you can better control your average electricity costs over a year. But solar systems can save almost any homeowner thousands of Naira over the life of the product, which is two decades or more. Currently, the cost of fuel per litre is N145 which is still expected to spike up in future.

  1. Solar energy means healthier air.

Eliminating unwarranted medical bills

We all need clean air for survival. But ground-level ozone and other pollutants from cars, power plants, industrial boilers, refineries and chemical plants has landed many in the hospital with lots of medical bills. The damage extends to crops, trees and other vegetation, and the toll on human life is also significant. Pollution is so bad in some parts of the world that people are instructed to stay indoors. According to WHO “In Africa, pollution is responsible for the deaths of 3.4 million people per year”

  1. Solar Saves on Gas and Fuel 

The price of sunlight is zero

The sun is a renewable resource; it helps also in boosting your finances. Unlike fossil fuels, sunlight is never going away. You can count on it every day without tampering with your finances.

Fossil fuel is not free, very expensive and dirty. The price is volatile too and has increased systematically over the past decade and hopeful will still increase soon. But there is no fuel cost for sunlight. Solar system would have boosted your finances and also help you to save over 85% of your fuel costs.

Clean solar energy is a stable power that can provide an attractive financial return. That’s why many people say that solar is a win-win: it’s good for your family’s finances and good for our environment. All together it’s easy to see why thousands of homeowners are going solar every day: because investing in solar panels for your home is often a very smart choice.

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