Do you have solar power envy? What can I say, it’s a great life style

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Do you have solar power envy? What can I say, it’s a great life style

Solar Panel envy is the wishing feeling you get when you see your neighbours lights are on, yet you can’t hear the sound of their generator. It’s the despair you feel when your generator packs up during the night. The following morning as you enter your car sluggish and irritable your neighbour beams from the joy of a cool and comfortable night’s sleep.
In this part of the world people install solar mainly to save money and live a comfortable and productive life. They want the best for themselves and their family. Achieving this can create awe and envy. After all, as human beings we share the same fundamental aspirations.

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Installing Solar gives you the chance to override darkness and dependency on expensive polluting generators. High fuel prices, shortages and widescale blackouts no longer affect you. Don’t be surprised if this new energy independence makes you the envy of your family, friends, neighbours and colleagues. You have 24-Hours light and they don’t.

Having made the right decision will undoubtedly bring you joy. Why not explain the advantages of solar to those closest to you and show them how simple and easy it is to use your solar home system?  After all, you’ve crossed over from wishing you had solar to actual having it.

Here’s some of the feelings you’ll have compared to those not yet enjoying this amazing technology.

Life Before Solar Life After Solar
Craving 24-hours power but uncertain that this is achievable Empowered at having solved one or your biggest problems
Exhibiting the frustration and disappointment of living with erratic power supply Calm collected and optimistic with 24-hours power. More able to enjoy your home and work life and be productive
Stressed at high costs associated with running a generator Relaxed and saving more money
Jealousy of those who seem to have more opportunities More disposable income to seek and execute new opportunities and achieve success

Here’s a few other facts you need to know about going Solar.

  1. A solar home system generates energy from the sun and comes with solar panels, inverter, batteries and a charge controller
  2. The solar panels absorb the suns energy which is converted into power for your home via an inverter. The energy stored is in your batteries for use during the night when no energy is being produced. The charge controller regulates the charge of current from the batteries to prevent them being overcharged
  3. Your solar home system can power all your needs though high AC usage is not recommended
  4. Solar panels have a life span of 25-years. Your other components life span is determined by their specification and usage. For example, tubular batteries can last up to 5 years whilst lithium iron batteries have a 10- year span
  5. The typical return on investment is 3 years meaning that after that period you will no longer have fuel bills!
  6. The first step towards going solar is to request an assessment of your home or business. This will give you a firm idea of how much energy you are currently using and the equivalent system size
  7. Secondly, request more than one quote and look carefully at the components. A significantly cheaper quote is a red flag that you are being short changed
  8. Lastly, look for a company offering flexible payment options, warranty and a robust after care service

Hopefully the information in this article will have assisted you in knowing what you’re missing without solar and will help you to cross over from solar envy to a life with solar.

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