Solar Myths Busted!

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Solar Myths Busted!

Over the past few decades, solar energy has proven to be one of the best sources of renewable energy. It has also become a very peculiar topic as regards energy generation and distribution for the past several years. A good number of these discussions and debates have been beneficial, but some have managed to birth myths which are now widely synonymous with solar energy today.

These misconceptions surrounding solar energy are becoming more common as these new technologies spread across the globe. There is a crucial need to establish the actual facts and truths about solar energy and dispel the myths surrounding it.

MYTH: Solar energy is inefficient

FACT: Asides the fact that solar energy would make a positive reduction on monthly electricity bills, its efficiency cannot be over stressed. Because solar panels are mounted on the roof they provide a simple and independent energy source. Users are not reliant on epileptic power generated by a central distant grid which might encounter transmission challenges before powering households and organizations.

MYTH: Solar Panels Require a Lot of Maintenance

FACT: Solar panels are a lot easier to maintain than we really think. They mostly require simple cleaning once or twice a year during Hammertan to remove the dust and debris that naturally occurs during this time of year and to remain at maximum output. Solar panel cleaning is not involved, one simply needs water and a hose pipe.

MYTH: Solar energy is expensive

FACT: This is the most common myth about solar energy. And because of this, many people are hesitant with the option of solar panel installation. However, the most important thing is to do is your personal research.

The upfront cost of solar panels and installation have reduced greatly over the years with more comfortable means of payment for both parties. Users are able to make a return on investment between 2 and 4 years. After which, they enjoy the free source of electricity ‘the sun’ to power their home. It is imperative for one to have a good idea of how much power his/her household or organization requires and to do a proper market survey. With this, you would be surprised at how budget friendly the technology really is.

MYTH: Solar Panels do not function properly in certain weathers or seasons

FACT: This myth is a one of the most common following the aforementioned. This is backed up with the basic understanding that solar panels generate alternative energy from sunlight and can function in cooler temperatures. The top 5 countries producing the most solar energy include Germany, China and Italy. The fun fact is; even on a dull or cloudy day it does not restrain the efficacy of solar panels.

Solar panels are a viable source of alternative energy as they can still produce enough power regardless of the weather.

MYTH: Prices of solar panels are dependent on the size of your home or organization

FACT: It is important to note that panels are designed to fit the specific needs of each customer.

Two people living in the same size of property may have significant different power needs.

Therefore, when determining the kind of panel required, special attention is paid to the energy needs and the budget of the client. This way, the panels are tailored to meet the power needs and still fit the budget of the client. Given that there is mostly a pay in installments plan, there is hardly a financial strain on the client.

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