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A new solution for those who cannot afford a complete solar power system
The Solar Subscription Plan 2 – Subscription Blocks and Its Prices

Sometimes, life could be very hard. You could find yourself as a Nigerian, always having to buy fuel every week, just to keep the lights on in your home. Not to talk of the rising naira to dollar exchange, which has seemed to keep the purchasing power of Nigerians in jeopardy. You may even have a family to feed, and that just makes things a whole lot worse in terms of finances. Talk about having a leaking hole in your pockets!

Then, you hear about solar energy and the tremendous ways it can help to give you clean, affordable power while cutting costs. But, the installation fee may discourage you. After all, why not maintain the same weekly fuel bills instead of buying a solar panel that would instantly get you broke?

If you are in this category, then you would love the next thing that is about to come  and that is the Solar Subscription Plan, or SSP for short.

What is the SSP?

 The Solar Subscription Plan is a solar plan that allows you to get on demand power without a long term contract. After installing your solar panel and connecting to the Smart Inverter, you then subscribe to the amount of hours (subscription blocks) you would want power, from 6 hours to 28 days. The price for these hours depends on the package you use.

What Is Included in the Solar Home System?

 With our Solar Subscription Plan, you stand to have your solar panels, smart inverter (with an integrated charge controller), batteries and other accessories too. An installation would be given to you as part of your affordable connection fee!

Packages In The SSP

  • The Mini Pack : This is suited for people who do not have a lot of appliances that need to be powered. It has a holding capacity of 500 watts, which can carry four light bulbs, a fan, a TV and gadgets. You also get a 500 watts solar panel, smart inverter and 200AH batteries. All for an easy installation fee of N35,000!! A small price to pay to give you the best of THE best!


  • The Padi Pack : If you are a fan of upgrades, with more appliances to power, the padi pack is truly a ‘padi’ for you. Carrying an additional 500 watts (1kilowatt), you would be able to power 6 light bulbs, 2 fans, a TV, a small fridge, a sound systems and gadgets, which sounds very much like the average amount of appliances that the average Nigerian has in his/her home. You also get two 500watts solar panels, two 200AH solar panel batteries AND a smart inverter. This comes at a N50,000 installation fee.


  • The Pepper Pack : If the first two didn’t shock you and you want to ‘step it up’ and ‘pepper your neighbors’, then the pepper pack is made for you. This comes with an additional 500 watts (1.5kilowatts), you would be able to power not just 6 or 7 but 8 light bulbs! Plus three fans, a TV, a large fridge, two sound systems and gadgets. This is perfect for family homes, although what even makes it more perfect is the meagre N7,500 additional fee of installation to make it N57,500. Also, you get three 500watts solar panels, an inverter and 200AH batteries!


  • The Oga Boss Pack : As the name implies, this package is for the ‘chairmen’ and those who just want to have the absolute best of solar energy. With a remarkable 2 Kilowatts power capacity, the system can hold a substantial amount of appliances such as 10 light bulbs, three fans, two televisions, two sound systems, gadgets, a large fridge, a water pump, microwave and washing machine that should be used during daylight hours! The equipment also consists of 4 500watt solar panels, a smart inverter and 4 200AH batteries. This is the pack that can literally change your life in terms of power.


Benefits of SSP

There are so many reasons why you should get this plan, but the two major reasons are:

  • You save up to 60% more with solar than on generators : Nairametrics just recently released a report stating that Nigerians spend up to a billion dollars yearly on generators. Now imagine saving up to 60% of this, every year? I would leave you to do the math.
  • Get Reliable Power, 24/7 from just N500 per day: Now I’m sure this is something all Nigerians can relate to. Getting reliable 24/7 power in Nigeria is like looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack, with all the power outages that occur on a daily and even hourly basis. But, finally, the proverbial needle has been found, as solar gives you the guarantee of having electricity in your homes, whenever you wish!

Hope you enjoyed the read so far? To get started on any of these products, head over to our website www.solyntaenergy.com or call 0909 894 4695 for further information on these products.

Also, get ready for our next blog post, as we would discuss the subscription blocks that is available and its prices for your favorite solar systems!

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