Solar Trends For 2021

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Solar Trends For 2021

The new decade is promising for the solar industry worldwide. Despite the outbreak of the global pandemic in the previous year, the solar industry, unlike numerous industries, thrived as demands grew for the technology.

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Following the new ‘normal’ (such as working from home and dependence on electricity for most things) there are a number of solar trends set to own the new decade and possibly the years to come.

  • Continuous Rise of Demands for Energy

Although this might not necessarily sound like a good thing to us, the fact is, the need for constant and stable power will continue to rise as technology develops ways to adapt to our new norm set by the global pandemic. Within the last year, technology has provided new ways of learning, communicating, working and even connecting. All of these means, one way or the other is dependent on power.

The good news is, regardless of how much energy is in demand, the sun is abundant and its energy can be harnessed and stored.

This implies that solar technology is completely capable of meeting the energy demands worldwide.

  • Solar Energy Will Become More Popular

Within the last decade in Nigeria, Solar solutions were not particularly known by most people. For most of the time, the main sources of energy as recognized by a majority of the citizenry has been the National Grid and imported generators.

However, Solar Solutions became more popular following the continuous rise in energy demand worldwide and in the country. The news about an alternative means of stable and clean power generation which poses no dangers to public health as opposed to the burning of fossils grew. Many have embraced the technology and many are still getting on board with the idea.

  • Solar Technologies Will Further Plummet in Price

Following the continuous rise in power demand is the immediate need for alternative means of power supply. As the demand for solar solutions rise globally, the prices of solar will continue to drop as has been over the past few years. Hence, this makes it the best option for both residential and business power provision.

In the past, the idea that solar is quite pricey has always been a major reason why many Nigerian homes and business stayed true to petrol and generators. However, with the new trends set to lead solar this decade and the years that will follow, solar will continue to reduce in price and emerge the best option – if not the only option for Nigerians.

In all, solar solutions offer a healthier and more convenient step towards general and technological advancement. These trends promise us numerous things. Some of which include:

  1. A cleaner environment and less air pollution.
  2. Improved general health in the nation as less people use toxic power sources
  3. Stable power
  4. General advancement in Technology
  5. Economic growth

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