These Financial Solar Myths will keep from you growing

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At Solynta we spend a lot of time talking to potential solar users. In fact, each week we speak to no less than 1000 people a week and we hear a lot of myths. Here are our top 5 that need eliminating. Happy reading!

Solar myth #1: Solar is only for rich people

When solar first entered the Nigerian market, the major obstacle was the upfront cost. Most providers expected customers to purchase the equipment outright. The promise of a free energy source was alluring but the real cost was out of the reach of most.  The smallest starter system retailed from N450,000 whilst the average family home needed to outlay at least N900,000 in cash to get onboard. Solar has now stepped up from an alternative to mainstream energy source via the provision of affordable payment plans that require a deposit with the balance paid over a period of 24 -60 months for a 25-year system.  Solynta Energy even offers a Zero Deposit Down plan where customers get installed by paying a connection fee of just N10,000.

Solar myth #2:  Cheaper quotes are better
There are countless times when homeowners cite cheaper quotations as being better. Beware of suppliers that claim that they can provide a full solar home system at a reduced price. A solar home system is a major investment. After all, it will be providing you with power for the next 25- years. Cheaper providers are less likely to offer warranty or maintenance services which are vital. Cheaper quotations also often hide a poorly designed system with cheaper equipment such as the inverter being oversized whilst the panels and batteries are undersized. A large inverter is of no use if the panels cannot generate enough sun power or if the batteries are too small to house the energy being harnessed. Whilst price should be a consideration also request information regarding the providers experience and testimonials from its customers.

 Solar myth #3:  I’ll still need to fuel my generator

Homeowners often ask if they will still need their generator after purchasing a solar system. It seems implausible to many that 24-Hours power supply can be achieved by alternative means. A Solar Home System is a 24-hour solution. A key component of a solar home system is the batteries. By managing power effectively during the day, excess power harnessed from the sun is stored in the homeowners’ batteries for use during the night when the sun goes down.

Solar myth #4:  I’ll have to cut off my grid power

It is possible to have an off-grid solar system installed but the majority of customers are still grid-tied. There are several benefits to staying on the grid.

– A grid-tied system requires less equipment and is therefore cheaper than purchasing an off-grid set
-A grid-tied solar system is more reliable as it provides a cheap back up during rainy or cloudy periods when your system is naturally not producing as much electricity as usual

Solar myth #5:  Maintaining my system is going to be expensive

Most homeowners draw on their experience of running a generator as a measure of the maintenance costs of a solar home system. In fact, a solar home system is incredibly low maintenance. Solar Panels may require a hosing down during the Hammertan season to remove any build-up of dust. That’s it in a nutshell. Moreover, companies like Solynta provide full warranty on your equipment and a free maintenance service for up to 5 years. This ensures that if you experience any issues your complaint will be swiftly attended to and your system fixed free of charge during this period.

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