Top 5 Solar Energy Myths

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The demand for solar is on the rise as people look for new ways to guarantee constant and affordable power. Unfortunately, we are surrounded by a lot of disinformation that causes scepticism amongst those who most need the technology. It is time to address these myths and recognise the true potential for solar power to transform our lives positively.

Myth 1: Solar Panels do not work when it is cloudy

Solar panels can power your home even when the sun isn’t shining. In fact, the top solar-powered nations in the world (Germany, China and Italy) all lack high solar irradiance. On a very cloudy day solar panels can produce up to 25% of what they can produce on a sunny day. Fortunately, Nigeria receives abundant solar energy with an average of six hours of sunshine a day. On the rare overcast day solar users simply have to be mindful to run less appliances. This ensures enough battery power is  stored for night time usage.

Myth 2: Solar Energy is only for rich people

Actually, solar is more affordable now than ever. With Zero Money Down Plans now available new solar users immediately experience cost savings. This is due to their  monthly repayment amount being less than what they would spend on generator fuel. After 36 months solar users then have a free source of energy for a minimum of
25- years, whereas generator users continue to face perpetual fuel and maintenance costs.

Myth 3: Installing a Solar Home System is complex and requires maintenance

Getting solar installed is as straightforward as getting  set up with DSTV or GoTV. A reputable company can complete your installation in a day. However, it may take up to 2 days to get a larger system up and running. Solar equipment is also designed to withstand harsh weather, so the maintenance requirements are minimal. For example, solar panels may accumulate dust during the Harmattan season reducing their capacity to absorb sunlight. A simple hosing down with water is all that is needed to treat this occurrence. Other components such as batteries, inverter and charge controller require no maintenance though it is advisable to choose a service provider who can attend to your Solar Home System on and ongoing basis should you ever require attention.

Myth 4: Solar Panels will damage my roof

Just like any home improvement project, using the right service provider is important. For most homeowners, installing solar panels will not lead to roof damage as long as your solar engineer is a qualified professional and your roof is in good condition. It is also important to note that solar panels are not directly installed on your roof. They sit on a railed mounting system and cover a portion of  the roof which essentially creates a barrier of protection.

Myth 4: Solar Panels are ugly

On the contrary to what people may think, most people do not view solar panels as ugly. In fact, they can modernize the look and feel of your home and trigger interest and curiosity from passersby and visitors. Furthermore, those who own visible solar panels take leadership in encouraging others consider an alternative energy source without actually verbalizing it.

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