Top 7 must-have appliances this December

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Top 7 must-have appliances this December

As the yule-tide season approaches, preparations for the x-mas and new year get underway. While trying to ensure we are covered for any event within that period (weddings, vacations, festive celebrations, etc.),we need to make sure that the appliances we rely on are readily available for use. This is necessary to avoid disruption and ensure festivities run smoothly. Even after the Christmas season has come and gone , these appliances still have value and can make your home comfortable. Here are seven appliances you probably can’t do without this season

1. A Freezer
Your drinks and food items will need some cooling especially since the period in view is a dry season and the climate could really get hot.


2. An Air conditioner
Your home will also need some cool air to combat rising temperatures and dust resulting from the harmattan season.


3. A Pumping machine
Water usage during this period will increase and so, having adequate supply via a pumping machine will make economic and practical sense. The need to buy expensive jerrycans of water from the young Hausa boys will be eliminated while having a reliable supply running directly into your home.


4. A Microwave
After food preparation and storage, the need to make it warm for eating at any time cannot be overemphasized. Cold food will likely reduce eating appetite and may not be hygienic for consumption. Moreover, there are foods that taste best when served hot! Having a microwave will ensure your food is edible at all times.


5. An Audio/Video Sound system
Music is popularly said to make the world go around. It is useful for lighting up one’s happiness, sustaining a cheerful mood and for relaxation. Having a sound system is a requirement.


6. A Television
Your T.V. is a valuable sit-at-home companion that is useful during the festive/holiday periods. Favorite Channels (sports, soap operas, news, documentaries, shows etc.) can be watched with the purchase of a good set. It is also a good way to relax with family and friends.


7.A Solar Home System:
After all is said and done, one may not enjoy the usefulness of your appliances without 24 hours power. Constant electricity is needed to ensure these gadgets are working smoothly. A solar home system is suitable and comes in various sizes from 500w to 5KW. Click here to see a full description and what each system can power.
Read more on how to calculate the energy your appliances/gadgets consume – here

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