Top Five Tips On How To Clean Solar Panels

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Top Five Tips On How To Clean Solar Panels

Solar panels are key components of our Solar Home Systems. Maintaining them properly, can allow for effective performance and durability. Since they are not moving parts, it can  be limited to cleaning. Doing so will automatically maximize the energy it produces and increase output.

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Why Should You Clean Panels?

Since dust  and other particles can build up on the surface of these panels, it is ideal to make them neat. Bird droppings and plant leaves or seeds can also clog these surfaces. If left unattended to, it could reduce efficiency and the level of energy the panels produce.   And so, routine check to ensure they are clean is important.


How often should the panels be cleaned?

Depending on the location, climate or where they are placed, they can be cleaned monthly, quarterly or semi-annually.

Neglecting the cleaning of panels can reduce their efficiency by 15-25% and so should be avoided.


How can you clean Solar Panels effectively?

1.First check if the panels have a maintenance manual from the manufacturer. Then read through to follow their directions.

2.Pick a convenient time to clean. Solar panels can be very hot during sunshine and so, you may want to choose a time when it is cool to wipe

3.Try cleaning with a garden hose (attached to a tap) by spraying directly on dirt areas

4.Alternatively, you may clean the panels with brush/sponge soaked in soapy water.That means you will need a bucket as well.

5.When cleaning, focus on the glassy surface. You may not need to clean the wiring underneath

Also show extra caution when cleaning as you may likely do it on the roof or some other high places.




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