What is a Solar Inverter And Why Is It Needed?

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What is a Solar Inverter And Why Is It Needed?

I’m sure all of us are familiar with the term ‘solar panels’. You know, those huge, glass-like things that go up on the roof of a house and taps power from the sun. But, the term ‘solar inverter’ may not exactly ring a bell. And this is where we begin to explain the beauty of this mechanism.

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You see, solar panels are just one of the many key elements of a solar system (not the one of the galaxies please, the ones that can be used in your homes!) Solar systems consist of solar panels (or photovoltaic panels), a solar inverter, charge controller, batteries and accessories such as a rack to keep everything in place,.

Solar inverters in particular, convert the energy output from solar panels into usable electricity form that can be utilized in your homes and offices. It works by taking the direct current (DC) from your solar panels. These solar panels get their current when their semiconductor layers (which is a mix of positive and negative) absorb the light and send the energy to the solar panels. Energy runs around, and thus produces your beloved DC!

Now this is where the solar inverter comes in. The solar inverter takes the direct current and transforms the current into alternating current (120/240V) which is the kind of current your appliances run on. The inverter “tricks” your transformer into thinking that the DC is actually AC through the inverter’s transistors that feed both sides of the transformer.

There are several types of inverters, but here at Solynta Energy, we use a hybrid inverter which converts your battery power into an output volatage of 220- 230V of AC and feeds into your switchboard. Also, it comes with an in-built charge controller which helps to keep the batteries at an optimal charge level (ie the batteries would not be overcharged or discharged). This charge controller works perfectly with either power from the sun or from the national grid, which gives you the absolute assurance that your batteries are ALWAYS charged. Hence, the reason why we call it a hybrid inverter.

Also, it also has a prepaid meter which is quite similar to the ones you have for the federal power source (also known as NEPA). When you subscribe via SMS to your preferred top-up plan, you get a code, which you put into the inverter and your plan starts running.Once the subscription has expired, it automatically shuts down all power and you would have to reactivate the subscription. Sounds really cool right?

So what are you waiting for? Get your solar system installed today with us by using the chatbox on our website at www.solyntaenergy.com or sending us a DM on our Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn platforms at Solynta Energy

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