What You Can Do About the Cloudy Weather

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What You Can Do About the Cloudy Weather

September marks the start of heavier rainfalls occasionally accompanied with lightning. As the Nigerian rainy season wraps up over the next month or two, the weather forecast will most definitely read ‘cloudy’ for the next couple of weeks.
This season, we might get caught up in the rain as we go about our daily activities or even get stuck at home as the showers come, the other concern could be what to do about electricity when it gets cloudy. This concern is relative to both solar users and the national grid dependants.
While you depend on the general source for electricity to power your home or business, you may notice inconsistent power and even continuous blackouts in these times. Even though the forecasts show that it will be more of showers than thunder this year, the gloomy weather will most likely hinder a lot.
On the other hand, the gloomy weather for next few weeks till the advent of dry season might be a tad tricky for solar users, especially those who are not so conversant with the technology.
However, there is no cause for alarm. Rest assured, your solar system is up to the task! Here are a few things to note and what you can do during the cloudy or gloomy weather.
• Your System Will Power on Sunny Days
Even if we might be inclined to think that our solar systems might not be functional this period, the rainy season is not entirely rainfall. There will be a few sunny days, and on those days, your solar system will function efficiently.
In regions where the rain and sunlight is intermittent, you still do not have anything to worry about, your solar batteries will fill in any loose ends.
• Power Conservation Will Play an Important Role
At a time like this when we’re mostly indoors due to the heavy showers and the work from home revolution, more electrical energy is in the demand. But with the weather posing as a major obstacle to this demand, a major way to walk around it is to conserve energy.
There are numerous power conservation tips and habits you can pick up and practice. Click the link for more on that https://bit.ly/2RFDLkn.
Due to the cooler temperatures, there are a lot of things which could be left switched off for the time being. Your air conditioners and turbo fans for instance.
• Your Solar Batteries Will Save Power
As mentioned earlier, your solar batteries work to conserve more power for you. During a power outage or in times where the panels cannot absorb the sun’s energy, the batteries fill out the lag.
During these times, there is still no cause for concern. Solar power systems have you covered. If you would like to stay assured and enjoy clean, green and constant electricity even through the rainy and cloudy weather, visit our website https:https://bit.ly/33HszZX

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