*Where are solar panels installed?*

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*Health benefits Of Going Solar*
*Where are solar panels installed?*


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That’s a simple question you might say. Answer – The roof. Correct. Where else?…

Now this is the tricky part.Solar panels are not just installed on the roof. They are installed on Car-ports as well.

Ideally, these panels are meant to be placed face down on the ground with the glass side facing upwards towards the sun to enable better entrapment. And obviously,car-ports are meant to shield cars and sometimes people from the sun. In view of this, installations are made either on a car-port or  with pole-stands hence making it look as a carport.

Check out the ones below that were installed here in Nigeria.


Notice how they serve as carports as well as solar installations.

Besides, they complement the house by adding to its beauty as well.

What is also obvious is that solar panels have other excellent uses aside providing electricity.

It might interest you to know that they come in different plans and sizes.

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