Why 24 Hours Power Supply Pays This Festive Season

Gradual but steady-Nigeria’s solar industry effort towards 24 hrs electricity!
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An invitation to enjoy a SPECIAL* meal usually has some form of value attached to it. It  could be that the dinner has some nourishing content for the attendee or it makes him or her feel ‘honored’.More importantly,there is value to be benefited from honoring the call.

The ember months are here again .This is actually the period where most households will have huge need for power to support their festive activities. Earlier in the year, awareness was created for a viable alternative form of electricity namely – Solar.Now, the benefit for a wise decision is being reaped by some proactive individuals who  have gone ahead to ensure that they have 24 hrs power supply for their occasions, parties, and outings.

Check out these installations carried out in Lagos for these households below





Questions for concern.

Is it really affordable?

As can be seen in the photographs, it is. Apart from the details of the individuals making the purchase, evidence of their neighborhoods  also speaks volumes. Depending on the income level and preference of the individual , there are plans available to cater for customers of all categories.

For more on these plans, click here.

Are there different sizes and systems for different energy capacities?

Of course,there are. Click  here to find out more…

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