Solar as an Alternative Energy Source

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How long do solar panels really last?
Solar as an Alternative Energy Source

In the last decade awareness and adoption of solar power has blossomed in Nigeria. What was previously deemed as an unattainable and risky technology is now considered the optimal power solution. Particularly due to the erratic and limited national grid. The alternative option are expensive, noisy, polluting generators. Last week Royal Dutch Shell announced that it will expand its global renewables footprint into the country. This is after six decades of operation. This serves to reinforce this direction of travel.  Solar is here in Nigeria and it is here to stay.

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Whilst homeowners and businesses across the country are benefiting from the many advantages of going solar they will have done their research before taking the plunge. So, what will they have discovered that convinced them to go solar? In this article we’ll answer just that question.

What is Solar Power?

Solar Power is energy from the sun that is converted into electrical power for our homes and businesses. It is typically captured via a solar panel system that converts the sun’s rays into usable energy. Solar Power is the cleanest,  most abundant and environmentally friendly energy source in the world. It also works particularly well in Nigeria due to the high solar radiation.

Reasons why solar should be your alternative energy source

  1. Lower operating costs

The most popular reason to go solar is that it saves you money. A solar power system produces enough electricity to offset your generator usage and significantly reduces your electricity spend. This frees up funds for productive use such as business expansion or to meet your core expenses such as school fees or mortgage/house rent.

  1. Insulate yourself from rising fuel prices

Grid electricity is getting worse by the day forcing the majority of homes and businesses to operate via the use of a generator which is expensive  to run and subject to fuel price hikes. One only has to recall the sharp increase in diesel prices in 2022 to understand the looming volatility of petrol prices. The projected removal of fuel subsidy in 2024 will nearly double petrol prices making operating a generator impossible for the average Nigerian and leaving solar as the singular viable power option.

  1. Enjoy a 24-hour power solution

Residential generator users typically enjoy just 6 hours power per day due to the high cost of fuelling the set. Whilst businesses are saddled with exorbitant fuel bills as their ability to ration power is limited. A solar home system not only cuts ones fuel bill by up to 80% but also gives users constant power. How? The batteries store all the excess power generated during the day for usage during the night. With basic and effective energy management, appliances  can continue to run throughout.

  1. Minimal Maintenance

Unlike a generator, solar power systems only require minimal maintenance which makes ownership less problematic for you. You need only to hose the panels during the Harmattan season to remove any dust that could block sunlight from entering the panels. The easy nature of maintaining a solar power system gives you peace of mind and allows you to concentrate on your family and career/business.

  1. Flexible Financial Options

Local solar companies now provide different finance options from lease to own and pay as you go. This reduces the upfront cost of making the switch to solar meaning you can transition quickly and easily and start realising all the benefits straight away

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At Solynta Energy you pay a low connection fee to get installed and can purchase power via easy SMS credits from N1,375 per day. Solynta takes care of your ongoing maintenance and servicing for free.

Think this might be a good option for your home or business? Please do get in touch today. We are happy to assess your needs and to help you make the right decision.

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