Why join the Solynta waitlist?

Benefits of solar power for your home and business!
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Why join the Solynta waitlist?

Solynta Energy is providing reliable and affordable on-demand solar power. It is a smart decision to join our waitlist. This can bring numerous benefits to your life, business and home.

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One of the key reasons to join the waitlist is the opportunity to have on-demand solar power installed at your location. You access 24-hour power via an easy SMS top up credits. By signing up, you are taking the first step towards reducing your outrageous electricity bills and transitioning to cleaner energy. With the waiting period being just 12 weeks, you can look forward to having your solar power system up and running in no time.

Another reason to join the waitlist is that it operates on a first-come, first-served basis. This means that by securing your spot on the waitlist, you are ensuring that you will be among the first to receive installation when stock arrives.  You will be given priority attention because you are already on the waitlist. This advantage can significantly speed up the process of getting your solar power system installed and operational. This can be crucial in ensuring that you do not miss out on this innovative energy solution.

While joining the waitlist you do not require paying any money.  You will be enjoying a power solution that’s 90% cheaper than operating a traditional generator. Our solar subscription can help you to achieve a long-term cost savings on your electricity bills.

Overall, joining the waitlist for on-demand solar power from Solynta Energy is a decision that can have a positive impact on your home and business. As soon as we have stock, you’ll be invited to make your connection fee payment starting from N100,000.This connection fee is based on the system size suitable for your use. To view our system sizes CLICK HERE

By taking this step to be on the waitlist, you’re joining the easy side of life as this solar power solution offers the following numerous benefits:

  • Convenient Top-Up: top up your power via SMS, no more trips to the filling station.
  • Power On Demand: choose from 7 days or 28 days power bundles
  • Dedicated Customer Support: our customer support are ready to assist you when you need
  • Complimentary Maintenance: Free servicing and maintenance on our batteries and solar panels
  • No Fumes: Our solution produces no harmful fumes, making it a cleaner healthier alternative
  • Peace and Quiet: Enjoy a peaceful environment with a noise-free power

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be part of those lighting up their home and business with power cheaper than fuel.  Sign up for the waitlist today!

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