Your Top 10 Zero Money Down Solar Questions Answered

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Your Top 10 Zero Money Down Solar Questions Answered

Your Top 10 Zero Money Down Solar Questions Answered

SOLAR- Since we launched our Zero Money Down product we’ve had many questions about how it works. Here’s our response to the top 10 questions.

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1.What is Zero Money Down Solar?
Zero Money Down Solar is a unique offer that allows you to purchase a complete Solar Home System without a deposit. Our systems provide 24 Hours Power.

2.How much was the required deposit before Zero Money Down Solar?
Before Zero Money Down Solar our customers had to pay us a deposit (amounts shown below). Now you pay no deposit.

N500 watts = N156.450
1KW = N12,550
1.5KW = N401,100
2KW = N624,750

3. What can I power with a Zero Money Down Solar system?

System Size Powers
500 watts Lights, Fan, Small TV, Gadgets
1KW Lights, Fans, Small TV, Gadgets, Small Fridge, Sound System
1.5KW Lights, Fans, Small TV, Gadgets, Large Fridge, Sound System
2KW Lights, Fans, Small TV, Gadgets, Large Fridge, Sound System,
Small Water Pump, Microwave, Small Washing Machine

4. Do you do bigger system sizes?
Yes, one of our friendly customer service representatives can help assess your needs and recommend the best system.

5. What happens if my system stops working?

In the event of breakdown an engineer will inspect your system within 24 hours and any necessary repairs will be carried out 48 hours thereafter. Your system also comes with a full 3-year warranty. After your warranty expires we offer a comprehensive insurance plan.

6. How much do I pay for my Solar Home System?

You simply make 36 monthly payments to fully own your Solar Home System.
*An installation fee also applies

System Size 36 monthly payments Installation Fee
500 watts N15,000 N10,000
1KW N30,000 N20,000
1.5KW N45,000 N25,000
2KW N60,000 N30,000

7. When are my payments due?

1. Your installation fee is due when placing your order
2. Once your system is delivered your 1st monthly payment is due to ensure your installation engineer can activate your box
3. Your subsequent 35 payments are paid monthly

8. How do I make payment?
Your monthly payments are made securely via the Flutterwave payment platform.

Once you make your first payment your remaining 35 debits are automatically taken from your bank account. This guarantees your box remains active and you will enjoy continuous service.

9. What is the product specification?
A full specification of our equipment can be provided online via one of our website chat agents.

10. How quickly do you install?
Due to popular demand we operate a waitlist for our Zero Money Down Product. The current waitlist is up to 8 weeks. Upon receiving your installation fee, we will provide regular updates on your delivery and installation date.

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