What should know about Generator noise and its side effects

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What should know about Generator noise and its side effects

Twenty-four hours electricity is a common need every Nigerian wants to have. And in trying to enjoy that, they purchase generators – since local power supply is not steady. However,recent observations proves that the effort for convenience is gradually turning into discomfort.

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People can no longer sleep soundly at night. The noise that emanates from these generators can be very disturbing and can last long into the night.

Side Effects
Unfortunately,It has serious effects such as damaging our ability to hear, damaging our liver, brain and heart, leading to emotional and behavioural stress.

Apart from gradual hearing loss which is very evident in our society today, noise pollution from generator sets alone are enough to cause conditions such as increased heart beat, pupil dilation, constriction of blood vessels, eardrum damage and even heart failure, etc.

Unknowingly to most Nigerians, noise can interfere seriously with the normal life activities of both humans and even animals! It can adversely affect your reproductive health and general communications while diminishing your quality of life in general.

How to avoid Noise Pollution:

1.Avoid noisy areas  and busy streets

2.Make use of sound-proof machines for less noise

3.Use silent alternatives for power generation, such as  Solar

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