Reduce your Electricity Costs by going Solar

How going Solar will guarantee you cleaner air and pollution-free environment
What should know about Generator noise and its side effects
Reduce your Electricity Costs by going Solar

Apart from setting aside some cash from one’s earned income,another good way to save money for targeted spending(shopping, projects,investments e.t.c ) is through reduction of cost.

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Really, most households buy fuel and maintain their generators at high excruciating cost.This should not be so – especially when alternatives such as solar is now cheap and affordable.


According to national bureau of statistics,the next major cost for an average Nigerian household(aside Housing) is power – especially  fueling and maintaining a generator.

A minimum cost analysis on this(click here) highlights how much an average household can save going solar.Not only can income be saved,but one’s health can be safeguarded as well.

Cost Savings from  going Solar can also be used for investment purposes(purchase of landed properties,stocks ,mutual funds e.t.c).

In order to benefit from these reduction in costs, read more on Solar Home Systems and their prices.




*price quoted are estimates

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