3 Million Solar Rooftop by 2030

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3 Million Solar Rooftop by 2030

The power supply problem in Nigeria is one which different governments have tackled with different approaches. It is one issue which affects several facets in the Nigerian economy ranging from business to education to health care and so many other crucial spheres in the nation.

Regardless of the given fact that Nigeria is the largest economy in sub-Saharan Africa, a major constraint of the nation growing into her full potential is the issue power. As this is a major drawback to numerous businesses and corporations which are more dependent on the burning of fossils for the generation of power.

The national grid is said to produce 19,000 megawatts on a daily basis within the country. Unfortunately, the national grid has only managed a meagre 4850 – 5000 megawatts until recently.

Over the years, Nigerians have grown accustomed to power outages and purchasing noisy generators to power their homes and businesses.

According to Nairametrics (2020), Nigerians spend a total of $14 billion on generator sets and fuel per annum! A whooping sum which could give the Nigerian economy a 360 turn around if invested in other spheres which have promising returns.

No doubt, the inefficiency of the power sector in Nigeria is another weighing block on her growth and advancement as an economy and a nation.


As a company, we at Solynta Energy are leading the charge to empower Nigerians to live a transformed life with solar. Our mission is to power 3 million rooftops by 2030.

While this mission may seem ambitious to some, we have set targets for each milestone while partnering with some environmental advocates such as Solar in Africa to ensure we reach our goal {Insert Blog Link here}


Presently, we have our panels installed on roofs in over 26 Nigerian states. We are working to ensure that every Nigerian is aware of the benefits of solar power.

One of our goals is to even out the seemingly lopsided Nigerian economy by tackling the disparities in the power sector.

The benefits of solar systems cannot be over emphasized. The sun has the capacity to generate energy worth over a hundred years for the entire planet in just a day! With technologies more advanced than ever, now is the time to make a shift to solar and enjoy clean energy with no disruptions.

With solar, not only do home and businesses enjoy savings overtime, the reliance on grid electricity and generator sets is reduced to the barest minimum.


There are so many up sides to solar, and we are here to ensure you enjoy every bit of it. Would you like to enjoy clean energy and advocate for a cleaner and safer Nigerian environment? Click the link to get started https://solyntaenergy.com/zmd/

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