4 Great Energy Habits for 2021

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4 Great Energy Habits for 2021

Happy New Year!

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It’s a new year and while many of us are back to our drawing boards to ensure we have concrete plans for 2021, one area we are cannot ignore is the energy sphere.

If there was on thing the previous year taught us, it is that our daily lives are very much dependent on electricity and energy. So, it is of the utmost importance that as we begin the year, we  formulate new habits that enhance our energy provision, comfort and productivity.

In this article, we shall be discussing four excellent energy habits to taken on this new year.

Have Set Times for Running Kitchen Appliances
This might sound a little traditional. It is actually. But the idea behind this is simple. When the entire family has breakfast, lunch and dinner together there will be less need for energy consumption heating and reheating food. Think of this as killing two (or three) birds with one stone. Not only are you ensuring that heavy appliances such as a microwave or an electric kettle is used for a short time, you are also strengthening the family’s bond (as eating together counts as spending time together), and you are also ensuring that the little ones learn proper manners at the table.

• Maintain Your Appliances
Experts recommend cleaning and maintaining of home appliances periodically. The less effective most appliances become due to wear or improper maintenance, the more power it will require to run. Things such as an air conditioner or even your fans have to be cleaned out from time to time. This ensures that they work optimally without drawing excess power to themselves to run. Take note of the appliances around your house which need maintenance, get an expert to work on them.

• Switch Off Appliances After Use
Ensuring that you switch off appliances when they are no longer in use goes a long way for the longevity of appliances around the house and for power conservation.
Get your family members to join the bandwagon and act as checks for one another, this way, everyone is in on forming a positive energy habit.

• Switch Off Lights When Not in Use
Even though it is true that a single bulb cannot claim so much energy, keeping it off during brighter periods of the day and later on at night increases its longevity.
Use the sunlight by opening your blinds during the daytime and keep your light bulbs off. Alternatively, you set a timer for your lights around the house. Timers and censors will keep lights on as long as you are within the area of the house where the lights are installed.

Start the year on a clean energy slate, ensure to adopt positive energy habits  that conserve energy during the year.

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