5 Electrical Safety Tips for the Festive Season

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5 Electrical Safety Tips for the Festive Season


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With Christmas comes thanksgiving and excitement.
It’s that time of the year to connect with loved ones – even if we have to do it virtually. At times like these, it’s easy to kick back and relax. Chances are we may have a few lags on electrical vigilance here and there. In this article, we’ll be discussing five electrical safety tips to help you through the festive season.

1. Wrap/Replace All Exposed Wiring
For most of the year, we were indoors. This implies that most of our home appliances were in constant use. This further implies that some of the older ones may have begun to wear. Taking out time to look at wiring or appliances within household which have started wearing and wrapping it or replacing it goes a long way. This wearing could be a socket which may now be drooping or cable wires which may now be exposed.
2. Call Professionals to Handle Electrical Jobs
 It’s quite common to for us to feel that we are qualified to do certain electrical jobs around the house. While we feel we are cutting costs, the chances of aggravating situations or hurting ourselves are quite high. Whatever goes south electrically around the house should be handled by a professional.
3. Remember to switch off appliances after use
This practice to many comes off as just a power conservation hack. It goes beyond just power conservation in the bigger picture. Keeping appliances switched off after use wards of potential danger. While we do not hope for the worst, we must prevent it at all costs. A simple habit like this could be the prevention to dangerous outcomes such as an electric fire.
4. Keep all electric devices away from water  Water and electricity do not work together. Keeping all appliances dry, keeps them in good condition. This also saves us from personal injury – electrocution. When installing a home device, ensure it is in no contact with pumps, taps, showers and all possible areas which hold water within the household.
5. Ensure not to overload any power outlets Check all power strips and sockets to ensure that is not overloaded. This can cause damages both to appliances and even the outlet. Practices such as, plugging in two heating devices to one outlet should be avoided.

Keeping in the festive spirit and staying proactive with safety around the house should not go in sharp contrast. Traditionally, the Nigerian home gets rowdier at Christmas – even though that may not be possible because of the changes worldwide, we still encourage you to stay on top of your safety tips.
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