4 Ways to Save Electricity this Season

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4 Ways to Save Electricity this Season

What’s the holiday season without the décor and lights? It’s only normal to get into the Christmas spirit and put up some décor (if you haven’t already), but what implication will the extra lighting and running of appliances have on your electricity and fuel bills?

A hiked utility bill is definitely not the way anyone intends to start the year. So keeping up with energy conservation habits is still just as important this festive season.

There are numerous ways to reduce energy consumption within your household. These range from simple habit adjustments to extensive home improvements. In this article, we will address simple behavioral adjustments you can employ and practice to sail smoothly this holiday season.

1. Switch Off Appliances After Use

The chances of leaving an appliance on after use could be slightly higher this season. These small actions might seem rather insignificant. However, they go a long way when put together. This simply means that heavy appliances such as electric kettles and pressing irons only stay on when needed. Lighter appliances like light bulbs must be switched off when necessary. Do a round check each night before retiring. All lights such be switched off – even those from decorations.

2. Monitor Your Electricity  Meter
Keeping track of your energy consumption is actually quite important. Not only does it give a proper insight on what you might be doing wrong or right. With this knowledge you will have an estimate of how much power your household is using on a monthly basis and whether your current energy usage is set to exceed this. It is with this knowledge that you can start off the new year, free of hiked utility bills.

3. Keep Family and Friends Informed on New Habit Development
Getting everyone else on the power conservation bandwagon is necessary to see a significant reduction in energy consumption. By this, everyone else around you needs to inculcate good energy saving habits. We’re all human, so it’s easy to leave devices switched on but raising awareness levels and working together can make a difference. For example, each family member can take responsibility over one aspect off reducing power consumption . For example, a daily round check before leaving the house for work or school or unplugging devices from the mains before bedtime.

4. Insulate  your home.
Seal air leaks and cracks around doors and windows. Do the same to any leaking faucets within the household. The idea behind this is simple. The temperature inside your house is expected to be cooler or warmer (since it is Harmattan season). With leaks and cracks, the temperatures from outdoors seeps in, causing your appliances to draw more power in order to even out the temperature in the house.

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