Earn Money During The Holidays With Our Solar Power Solutions

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Earn Money During The Holidays With Our Solar Power Solutions

With Christmas just a few weeks away, we may find ourselves in a mix of emotions. On one hand, it’s great to spend time with the family and have the year wrap up as we stay grateful to have made it through. On the flipside, we may find ourselves in search of new activities that help us better ourselves in different aspects as 2020 has buttressed the importance of knowledge and skill.

One major sphere of development for most individuals is  that of financial growth especially as we are now officially in a recession.

With economic uncertainty set to persist  due to world events, the continuous rise in prices of basic needs and the devaluation of currency and purchasing power, you may have asked yourself “How can I  better manage my finances and create a buffer during this time via  multiple income streams? ”

The good news is there is a way to earn even in the holiday season. By selling our solar solutions, you can alleviate erratic power supply for many whilst  making a comfortable and passive income.

Here are five reasons why you should consider earning with our solar solutions

  • Our Reputation

With almost a decade of experience, we top the list as one of the most preferred solar providers. At Solynta, we pride ourselves in transparency and topnotch service. Over the years, we have grown a customer base in over 25 states in the country, building a strong client base and even taking on some projects with the aim of a better Nigeria,

  • Quality Service

Our services come second to none. Not only do we have the best experts in each department of the company at your service, we offer the best and the most convenient solar plans which emphasizes the affordability of solar power.

Every personnel at Solynta energy is dedicated to rendering impeccable service and go the extra mile.

  • Great Rewards

We believe in giving back here at Solynta energy, which is why we offer a good percentage for every solar sale you facilitate.

Making a Difference

The goal is to do our own little bit for a better Nigeria. Tackling the power issue and providing households and enterprises with constant clean and green energy is a cause that has positive ripple effects. Our mission is to have our solar panels installed on 3 million rooftops in Nigeria by 2030. This will significantly reduce the amount of gas emission nationwide as well as health challenges caused by those emissions.

  • Support

We do not leave you in the dark on selling solar. We equip you with all the information and skills you need to be a success.


Getting an alternative way to earn is quite a task these days and chances are, they are just a draining. With our solar solutions, we offer just more than additional income. Here is a chance of a lifetime to earn, make a difference and still enjoy clean energy. Email us at solar@solyntaenergy.com to find our more.

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