Solar Energy as Energy King for World Demands

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Solar Energy as Energy King for World Demands

With the continued rise in energy demands worldwide, solar power has proven to be the King of Energy in these times. According to a report from the International Energy Agency, solar power which is the leading renewable energy source could account for 80% of electricity generation in the next decade.

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Photovoltaic cells are now amongst the cheapest sources of electricity in history and is consistently growing cheaper. All this is made possible by the continuous maturing in policies and advancement of technology surrounding the development of solar panels and solar energy.

A report from The International Energy Agency points out three plausible scenarios for futuristic advancement in world energy markets which was stirred up following the outbreak of the corona virus pandemic.

While the scarcity of fossil foils point to a possible extinction of this source of energy, the prospects of solar energy as the go-to energy stop world wide prove stronger than ever.

Below are three reasons why Solar Energy is ‘King Energy’

  1. Solar is an Abundant Energy Source.

Solar energy is derived from the sun. The sun has the capacity to generate and cater to the world’s energy needs without exhaustion.

Calculations show that one day of sunlight is more than efficient to power the entire earth for more than a hundred years. The excellent part of it, is that the sun’s energy is completely free.

  1. Fossil Fuels are Continuously Growing Scarce.

Fossils are one of the scarcest sources of energy. This informs their continuous rise in price over the years. In Nigeria alone, the price of petrol has risen over 50% percent in the last five years. Furthermore, fossils face a possible extinction as numerous oil wells have dried up in many areas across Nigeria and other parts of the world. It is simple logic, scarce resources will not meet our future needs.

  1. Solar Energy is Presently amongst the Cheapest Energy Sources

Previously, there was a myth that solar energy is expensive. For this reason, many people would shy away from the opportunity to go solar. However, solar energy technology is continually dropping in price as the technology advances. This is as opposed to the conventional gradation of other products which increase in price.

  1. Solar Energy is Environment Friendly

Unlike fossil fuels which are harsh on the environment and public health, solar energy does not release any emissions into the atmosphere. It is environment and health friendly. This is why a number of western countries endorse the source and make room for subsidies and incentives.

In a nutshell, reports show that in the next decade, solar energy will be the leading energy source worldwide as a large number of countries and economies are adopting it.

These changes will bring environmental and health benefits globally. Why not jump on this futuristic train and make a shift to solar? Click the link to begin your journey https://bit.ly/3q1T8TY

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