5 Amazing Solar Innovations

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Solar has evolved over the last few decades and has become a recognizable force driving for change and development in today’s world.

Despite some reservations that solar was initially met with, it has proven to be a game changer and has provided nations with power, jobs and a cleaner and safer environment.

Today, there are so many uses for solar energy and thus, so many awesome innovations that make life easier, safer and more enjoyable for people.

Below are 5 amazing solar innovations

Solar cars

Hybrid cars combine a  petrol or diesel engine with an electric motor and are a commonplace. However,  the production and use of solar powered cars is still in its infancy. Aptera Motors, a California company, is rolling out the first mass produced solar powered car this year. The car is incredibly efficient and can cover 40 miles on a clear day.

This shows the incredible potential for solar powered cars within the motoring industry particularly as countries aim to reduce vehicle emissions which is one of the largest sources of pollution.

Solar Panels

The most popular and wide spread solar innovation is the solar panel. This is used to power homes and businesses in numerous parts of the world.

The solar panel (which is the part of a solar power system that absorbs light energy from the sun for it to be converted to electricity) can be seen on many rooftops and is notably an innovation that pushes for stable and green electricity in numerous countries

Solar lighting

Solar powered LED lighting is transforming streets and pathways. LED solar lighting has the benefit of working off-grid and is cost effective, environmentally friendly and requires little maintenance. The latest technology in LED solar-powered lighting has also improved battery function and electronics.

Photovoltaic solar noise barriers (PVNB)

Traffic noise is definitely a huge concern to many people. Especially if you live or work in buildings on the highway.  To overcome this issue, many states in America have built nearly 3,000 miles of traffic noise barriers. These barriers were constructed to perform as cost-effective barriers that lower noise levels whilst also producing clean energy noise abatement functions.

The widespread of these solar noise barriers in the United States has now led the US Department of Energy to merge noise abatement with sustainable power generation. The potential of producing solar energy from these barriers is around 400 gigawatt hours annually

Solar skins

Solar skins are a flexible transparent material that can blend against any background or be customized to display business advertising like the ad wraps you see on buses or at bus shelters.  They also generate power.

The manufacturing of solar skins is still in development at the United States National Renewable Energy Laboratory to increase their efficiency. The sunlight falling on solar skins is filtered to reach the solar cells beneath it.


Solar energy can easily provide substantial amounts of inexpensive, green electricity. Through new technology and continual improvement, solar photovoltaic cells are becoming even more versatile and useful in our everyday lives.

We believe solar provides us with a lot more than just energy. Would you like to make the switch to solar and change your power story for good? Start here

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