How Do I Know My Solar Power System is Working Optimally?

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How Do I Know My Solar Power System is Working Optimally?

Right after a solar installation, you would definitely be anticipating the performance results of your solar power system. You may also be curious about these during your research – that is, if you are intending to go solar and you are still gathering facts.

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One common question is how to run your solar power system efficiently .

A solar power system is a low maintenance technology however there are some steps you can take to ensure that it works optimally for you.

Here are 4 simple tips to ensure your system is functioning well.

  • Check Your Inverter Often

The inverter is a very crucial component of your solar power system and is responsible for the conversion of direct current to alternate current which is needed to power your appliances. For this reason, your inverter must remain in a cool environment  and kept away from water.

The efficiency of the entire system and output is directly dependent on the functionality of your inverter. Critically, your inverter display will tell you if your batteries are low and if you need to reduce your energy loads to preserve them.

If you do notice something off on the display {such as a red light} it could be an indication of a problem and it is best to contact your solar provider to come and check the issue.

  • Check Your Solar Charge Controller

Since we are all expected to have prepaid electricity meters in our homes, it is quite easy to track the amount of electricity your home consumes. With a solar power system, one can notice or track how much your solar panels generate and transfer to the battery bank through flow of DC current from the panels to the battery bank for storage and usage. Most solar charge controllers come with user friendly interface or relevant LCD/LED indicators that shows how much energy is being generated.

  • Check the Weather

Your solar power system functions optimally on a bright day. They function on rainy and cloudy days as well. However, they might not be as efficient as they would be on a day that is bright and sunny. Reducing your usage of appliances on rainy and cloudy days will ensure that you have enough power during the evening when the system is not generating any power at all.

  • Contact Your Solar Provider

A reputable solar energy company such as Solynta Energy offers you solar monitoring services. In a case where your solar power system is not functioning as it should, we offer support and if you are signed up to our solar subscription plan, you will receive free maintenance options following our terms and conditions

A solar power system is generally hassle free when purchased from a reliable source. It is very reliable and durable. With proper handling, and maintenance, your system should not give you troubles and you will receive all returns and benefits from your investment

Take advantage of our solar subscription plan and become a proud owner of a solar power system. Call 08089982052.

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