The Super Powers of Solar Energy

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The Super Powers of Solar Energy

Radiation from the sun is fundamental to everyday life, providing abundant supply of energy that fuels virtually every ecosystem on earth. Asides supporting existence, solar radiation has for decades proven itself as a clean, renewable alternative source of energy.

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In present times, it supplies only a fraction of global energy. The solar industry is steadily expanding and becoming a well applauded component of the renewable energy sector.

While the topic of solar energy and solar panels will definitely bring up numerous questions from potential users and even critics, it is important to lay emphasis on the exceptional abilities of solar. These to us are ‘SUPERPOWERS’!

Here are the superpowers of solar


In Nigeria, as in numerous other countries, for a community to receive electrical power, there is the need for a giant power plant somewhere (perhaps on the outskirts of the village) and a number of power lines running through the community.  A lot of obstacles such as poor management of funds and personnel make this process slow and inefficient. in most cases, the process is either incomplete or, would take a very long time to finish off.

On the other side of this, to power that same community with solar power, all members would need is a solar panel on his/her roof.

It is simply amazing how solar energy simplifies a process of providing a universal power from an ongoing and costly infrastructural programme to a few hours of basic engineering.


Unlike the fossils that we depend on for electricity (which are scarce and high priced), solar energy gives off zero emissions or waste. This makes it environment and health friendly.

Statistics show that the continuous use of solar panels can save 35 million barrels of oil per year.

A solar panel system for a three-bedroom home will offset 100,000 pounds of carbon dioxide for more than 20 years. This implies, saved resources for nature and greenery, over 30,000 gallons of water (usually consumed by fossil electricity) saved.


What other superhero do you know of that helps your expenditure and savings? There’s a rising trend in superefficient, solar-powered homes and businesses. As solar panels are becoming more affordable, owners are truly living in ‘the green’.

Choosing solar as the source of energy for your home or/and business is set to save you utility (and generator maintenance) bills f up to 80%

A typical solar panel has a 25 to 40 years warranty. How much do you spend on electricity bills? How much do you spend on generator maintenance and refuel? How much do you spend in total per annum? How much will you spend over 25 years?


Solar radiation is a renewable resource of an extraordinary scale. It is the largest resource on the earth and is inexhaustible. The amount of energy received by earth from the sun in one year exceeds the energy garnered from all other sources of energy put together through the history of mankind.

Furthermore, because solar facilities are broadly spread out and because they’re made up of components (the panels, inverters etc), they are better protected against disruptive events like storms.


The superpowers of solar are truly mind-boggling and unbeatable. In the battle against ‘darkness’ you can choose ‘light’ and unleash the superpowers of solar.





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