Top FAQs Businesses Want to Know About Solar

Here’s Why Power Supply is Still Below Standard
The Super Powers of Solar Energy
Top FAQs Businesses Want to Know About Solar

Power supply and electricity play an integral role in the efficacy and administration of businesses and organizations all over the world.

Despite the significant contribution of private businesses and SMEs to the Nigerian economy, there are still persistent challenges that hinder the growth and development of the sector.

According to research conducted by PWC, one major hindrance of the effective running of most businesses in Nigeria, is poor power supply. However, with the advancement in technology and spread of useful information, some businesses are reliant on solar energy today.

More often than not, business owners and CEOs have a lot of questions to ask as regards solar. Here are the most common questions business owners ask when exploring the upsides of solar.


Q: Why should I invest my money on solar energy now?

A: As regards businesses and organizations, the three major benefits they gain from choosing solar are:

  1. Power Supply Providing Competitive Advantage
  2. Less Pollution and Noise Improving the Immediate Business Environment
  3. Significant Financial Savings

Given, different businesses employ diverse strategies, and when these strategies align with any or all of the reasons states above, investing solar is a plus to the business or organization.


Q: Why Shouldn’t I Wait For Technology to Improve?

A: Going solar sooner rather than later as an organization or business makes a lot of sense. Here’s why:

  • The current technology on solar panels is quite advanced thanks to continuous innovations on it over the last few years. Even though there is always room for improvement, it is quite unlikely that the sporadic growth and efficiency we have experienced on solar panels will be just as rapid in these subsequent times.
  • In many cases, even if better policies and incentives are rolled out or slight technology improvements increase power production, the money you’d save in the near term by going solar could easily outweigh the benefits you might gain from waiting.


Q: How can solar directly improve my business?

A: The ways in which solar can improve your business can be direct or indirect. To name a few, these are two primary ways that going solar can give your business an upward boost:

  • An increased bottom line with freed up money to invest in other strategic areas of your business, which could in turn, increase your sales and/or profits.
  • More and more consumers are embracing green businesses. Multiple studies indicate that consumers conscientiously choose futuristic companies that demonstrate environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Essentially, you’ll gain a competitive advantage over companies that don’t tow this line.


Q: If solar is so great, why don’t all businesses install it?

A: Actually, a lot of prestigious organizations and businesses rely on solar energy. For those that haven’t, many a time, it’s simply because they are unaware of it directly benefits businesses. The fact is, solar is a viable money-saving solution for households and businesses alike.


Conclusively, there are numerous questions a business owner might and will have before choosing to rely on solar. This is just to answer the most common questions. (If you would like to learn more or you do have some questions you need answers to, we would be more than glad to walk you through. Visit our website: www.solyntaenergy.com)

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