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Advantages of Renewable Energy

Generators are the go to for most Nigerians following the consistent rise in pump price and electricity tariffs over the years.
The varying sizes of generators make them very easy to purchase. Different houses have different sizes of generators ranging from the miniature size which is popularly known as ‘tiger Gen’ to much bigger sizes used to power heavy appliances such as air conditioners.
For a businessman who deals in electronics, selling generators has been a big win. As Nigerians over the years, have taken to upgrading the sizes of the generators or replacing them. This makes the market a lucrative one.
However, the health concerns a generator sets poses cannot be ignored. Here are 3 dangers a generator set can pose to your health
1. Carbon Emissions
Over the years, the carbon foot print has increased in folds as many developing countries opt for generator sets as they seem inexpensive as compared to electricity from the grid. The implication of this are not only pollution, but increased danger to the health of many.
2. Air Pollution & respiratory diseases
Another danger a generator set poses is air pollution which can bring about respiratory diseases. In 2019 a report on the guardian newspaper showed Onitsha as the most air polluted city in Nigeria. A major contributor to this are the carbon emissions from the exhaust pipes of both commercial and residential generators. This is asides the burning of fossils which is a regular occurrence in the city and Nigeria generally. An effect of this is the respiratory issues a good number of Nigerians face.
In 2020, a World Bank study revealed that respiratory infections caused by air pollution caused 11,200 deaths that year in Lagos alone. This was the highest number in West Africa.
3. Noise Pollution
This health danger might not seem like much but will certainly cause lots of concerns in the long run. Noise pollution is not a new issue in Nigeria from horns blaring in traffic jams to loud music from clubs, churches and even small parties and a generator’s loud humming only comes to compound issues.
In a quiet neighborhood, a loud generator will definitely cause a lot of unrest particularly at night leading to disturbed sleep and stress.
In summary, generator sets are not the best option for Nigerians as not only are they costly to maintain (when purchasing, upgrading, or servicing), they also pose health issues.
A quick track on expenses will show that the average Nigerian spends a lot more on fueling and servicing a generator set quarterly than he/she realizes. Similarly, people succumb to serious health issues that could be avoided by using a different source of power.
Solar power systems are set to greatly reduce carbon emissions worldwide and leave the atmosphere green and livable. They are also noiseless and do not pose any risks to general health.
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