Increasing Energy Efficiency at Home

Going Solar in 4 Easy Steps
Increasing Energy Efficiency at Home

If there’s one thing that the lockdown period taught us; its the importance of increasing energy efficiency within our homes. The rising tarrifs on utilities and fuel prices are factors which have greatly contributed to the heightened awareness and action towards energy saving amongst Nigerians. In addition to reducing utility costs, energy efficiency plays another important role by helping us to develop safe practices. Below are 5 tips to follow to improve energy efficiency and safety in the home.

1.Choose Energy Efficient Appliances
When purchasing new equipment choose energy efficient ones. In simple terms, appliances that require less energy to run. For example, a 30 inch plasma television consumes 150 watts whilst an LCD version runs on just 60 watts . The difference is certainly signficant when you consider the cumulative power savings, across multiple devices, simply by selcting more efficient ones. If you don’t need to change any appliances for now then ensure the ones you have are well maintained as a faulty appliance will consume more energy.

2.Use LED bulbs
Lighting is very important in every home. One of the greatest ways one can be energy efficient is to install LED bulbs in your home as they play an important role in energy conservation. LED bulbs use up to 90% less than traditional bulbs and last longer. LED bulbs are also just as bright as traditional lighting!

3. Develop Energy Saving Habits
The idea of energy efficiency is unattainable without deliberate acts. This means that you must cultivate habits that help you achieve this. Small yet impactful practices such as switching off appliances and lights when not in use, running heavy appliances for only a short period of time and utilizing natural light during the day all contribute to power savings. It is important to to involve every member of the household in the exercise of cultivating these habits to achieve maximum impact.

4. Ensure Windows and Doors are Sealed
Doors and windows play an important role in the energy efficiency of your homes. If not sealed correctly they can let cool air escape or enter when not desired. This will cause your air conditioning unit or AC to run excessively while you try to regulate the temperature. Steel doors are particularly efficient and popular over the years due to their resistance to warping during weather changes and advanced security.

5. Choose Solar Energy
Solar Energy is gaining popularity across the globe as it has proven to be a reliable and extremely efficient. It’s ability to generate power directly from the sun without incurring costs to owners makes it an excellent investment. Today, there are efficient solar solutions available in the market which allow customers purchase solar power systems and tailor payments to best suit these customers. The fact that solar will lead to saved costs overtime cannot be over emphasized.

Creating a more energy efficient home is done with ease with solar power as the appliances you require will be powered by the system. In conclusion, taking steps to make your home more energy efficient is a great decision. You can choose solar and take these steps with ease. For more information on how to get started call us on 08089982052.

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