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Power is a resource that we constantly use daily. We need it to put on our gadgets or household equipment and also to illuminate our homes at night. It is a necessity we need to function better in this modern age. Unfortunately, many individuals go through serious health hazards while trying to use it in their homes. Their constant use of generators and other non-renewable sources of power puts their lives at risks – both in the short and& the long-term. But with Solar, the reverse is the case. It is a renewable form of power with zero-health risks!
Below are five health benefits of going solar:

1. It is air-pollution free:
Air pollution from generators and coal-powered turbines can lead to severe respiratory problems such as asthma, bronchitis, pulmonary inflammation etc. But installing Solar gives none of that as the panels don’t emit fumes, gases or smoke that could pollute the air at all! They are smoke-free devices!!

2. It is water-pollution free:
When coal-powered turbines emit mercury emissions into the air, the particles eventually fall into ground water and streams – making it unsafe for fish and living organisms to survive in. An extension of this damage is that the water also becomes unsafe for drinking by humans as well. But with Solar, it is different as zero emissions take place during use.

3. It is noiseless:
Unpleasant nNoise is another form of pollution that is hazardous to health and can damage our ability to hear or use our ears properly. But Solar is noiseless and serene to have around.


4. It is less stressful to use and maintain:
At times, having portable generators requires that it is moved to and fro within specific locations of our homes so as to protect against weather damage (rain), theft e.t.c. This could put a strain on the movers as they need to crouch and exert effort –stressing their body in the process. But with solar, there is no need for such as the panels are weather-proof, can be stationed securely, and don’t need to be moved.


5. It adds to positive wellbeing:
Steady uninterrupted power has been found to be one of the aids to happiness and positive mental health in a community. The mere knowledge that it is present fosters good feeling and helps to increase an individual’s self-worth and esteem. Solar provides 24 hrs. power and as such, is a key contributor to this positive effect in the society.

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