Five Great Tips to guarantee 24 hrs power this ember season

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Five Great Tips to guarantee 24 hrs power this ember season

As we gradually approach the end of the year, our energy needs increase due to preparations for celebrations within that period. New purchases of appliances and equipments are sometimes made to handle increased utility needs – leading to increased demand for energy. How can one ensure there is enough power to use during that period, without a disruption of events or plans?

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Here are five good tips that can be applied to ensure there is constant power during this time of the year….

1. Minimize power wastage by unplugging unused devices:
Leaving unused appliances or gadgets on can lead to power wastage and drain your power credits (especially for those using pre-paid meters) – leading to an increase in electricity bills.
In order to avoid this, it’s best to unplug idle or unused devices so as to have enough stored power throughout the period.

2.Ration your daily power usage:
Apart from having sound knowledge of wattages and energy requirements of your appliances, making use of them when they best serve your needs will save you from unproductive use of power. You may also need to create and stick to a roaster (especially for heavy-duty appliances) so as to avoid a drain on your electricity.

3. Purchase energy saving appliances & gadgets:
Buying energy-efficient bulbs or energy-saving appliances will also help to minimize loss, reduce electricity bills and save you more power to use within the period.

4. Pay your electricity bills in advance
Making payment for electricity in advance can make you eligible for discounts and other early-bird incentives – leading to more power credits than what you expected.

5. Get a Solar home system
Above all, get yourself a Solar Home System. They have the capacity to supply constant electricity for a 24-Hour period. They are also built to last for a considerable amount of time. Panels from a good solar provider can provide power for a minimum of 25 years! – which is much longer than any other source of power such as a generator.
A solar home system comes with an inverter and batteries that help convert and store power for future use.
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