Five Tangible benefits of going solar

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Five Tangible benefits of going solar

Recently, Solar usage is increasing as most homes and businesses see it as a better alternative than other traditional sources of power generation. And just like other renewables, it is user-friendly and barely has side-effects. Also it has great benefits worth considering. Listed below are the five major ones:

1. It is economical and encourages long-term savings
The production of clean energy from the sun provides an endless source of power that is not limited in supply or affected by flunctuations and market instability. Thus solar users are not affected by the rising cost of extraction and distribution as experienced by other energy sources such as coal, petroleum and natural gas. Solar also gives homes and business owners the opportunity to reduce the cost of their utility bills in the long-term.

2. It reduces pollution
Using Solar helps to reduce air pollution. With solar there are no harmful emissions unlike fossil fuels and other traditional energy sources that contribute to global warming and toxic air quality. The more solar is used the less negative impact there will be from fossil fuels that usually lead to health problems and deterioration to our natural environment.

3. It creates more job opportunities
With solar energy on the rise in both developed and developing countries, the industry is bridging a major unemployment gap through job creation. Labour is immensely needed in the renewable energy industries with solar installations needing engineers and technicians to install the equipment.

4. It aids the increase in value of buildings and properties
The installation of solar significantly boosts the value of a building or property – depending on its location and the size of the installed system.It is  considered an asset an included in the costing of landed properties.

5. It gives one peace of mind
Apart from benefits of huge cost savings, good health and safer environments, going Solar also puts one’s mind at rest – since it makes one self-reliant.Also there is no longer a constant need to depend on a third-party utility company to supply power. Businesses and homes no longer need to worry about projects and activities not being carried out due to lack of power.

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