Five Solar Myths and the Facts

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Five Solar Myths and the Facts

Solar is recently becoming a popular alternative source of electricity. Businesses and households are gradually embracing it as a replacement to fuel power . However for the vast majority that are still speculating whether to go Solar or not, here some answers to myths or mind boggling questions that  they may have.

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Myth 1 : Solar panels can’t operate well in cloudy conditions.


Fact: Although cloudy weather can reduce the amount of energy produced by your solar panels, but they can still work efficiently in these conditions. Countries such as Germany that have less sun still use more Solar than other countries


Myth 2 : Solar will look unattractive on my roof.


Fact : The beauty of solar panels on the rooftop depends on how the installations where carried out. However, most Solar providers have experienced personnel that can place the panels without it obstructing the aesthetics of the building.


Myth 3 : Solar panels need to be fitted with tracking systems to receive normal charge from the Sun.


Fact: Normally, panels are positioned to maximize sun exposure when installed. And so, it can get all the necessary energy it will need to charge its batteries and supply power.Hence, it doesn’t require tracking systems


Myth 4 :  Solar panels require constant maintenance.


Fact :  Most solar panel installations come with maintenance options from the service provider – especially when it is leased. Depending on the nature of the agreement it could be quarterly , semi-annual or annual.


Myth 5 : Installing Solar panels on my roof will damage it.


Fact : Engaging or using professional installers to run solar installations on your roof doesn’t damage it. Rather, it may extend the life of the roof by protecting it from the elements. This is so because Solar panels are installed a few inches above the existing roof.They are also light in weight.


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