Zero Money Down CEO Address!

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Zero Money Down CEO Address!

Every Nigerian knows very well the immense problems we continue to encounter with power.

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When I first came to Nigeria I wondered why we had we not turned en masse to Solar Energy, which is considerably cheaper over the long term, as well as clean, quiet, and stress free compared to running a generator.

Over the years it  became clear that the main challenge we face is the lack of availability of consumer financing. A Solar Home System comes with a high initial cost of purchase just like every other valuable, expensive asset and it can only be affordable if credit is provided.

In response to this, I developed our Lease to Own product that removes the financial barrier of going solar for some people, but not enough.

I believe wholeheartedly that success is not an event, but a process. I have worked tirelessly over the last 6 years to seek the foreign investment necessary to be able to offer what I believe to be the product that will finally see the total electrification of all Nigerian homes and businesses- including yours.

I am pleased to announce that our  Zero Money Down Solar product is here!  As the name suggests, it allows you to go solar without putting down any initial deposit. Gone are the barriers that have so far frustrated you.

To start with, we are offering this product exclusively to our mailing list subscribers who have so generously lent us their ears over the past months.

Now we are on our way towards a better quality of life as individuals and as a nation we would love to welcome you onboard.


Uvie Ugono
Founder & CEO

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