Five Solar Power Careers To Consider

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Five Solar Power Careers To Consider

The solar energy industry has grown significantly over the last decade. Although it is still viewed as an alternate source of energy, numerous governments have endorsed it and some even give incentives. According to Forbes 2016, renewable energy produces more jobs in parts of the world as against coal, gas and oil.

More than 100,000 jobs worldwide are attributed to solar energy.

The growth of the solar sector has birthed a lot of jobs to consider. And some jobs in the sector just might be a good fit for you.

Here are some occupations to consider in the solar industry.

1 Installer

These are the professionals we often refer to as engineers. A reputable solar company will not need to sublet this job. They have their own installers who will set up your solar panel system and educate you on how to operate it and how it works. They are also the ones who will show up when it’s time for maintenance.

If you have ample knowledge on electrical engineering, taking a few courses to switch to this industry could be an option.

  1. Roofer

A roofer is trained in the aspect of moving and mounting of solar rack and panels finely on the roof while the technical installer takes charge of the electrical connection of the panel(s)

However, a roofer with the neccesary technical skill set can double as both a roofer and solar panel installer.

  1. Marketing and Sales professional

In virtually every industry, there is the marketing and sales department. This is run by professionals who have marketing strategy in order to get customers to purchase merchandise. Even this requires skill and training. As the art of sale requires interaction. If you’re an exceptional salesman dedicated to understanding your product, there just might be an opportunity in the solar industry for you.

  1. 4. Customer Service Professional

The customer service week which takes place the first week of October annually highlights the importance of customer service to every organization worldwide. In the solar sector, customers interact with customer service professionals when there is a complaint. In most cases, the professional will walk you through on what to do and how to resolve the issue (this is because modern solar companies make the technology user friendly). And in a case where issues cannot be resolved independently, engineers/installers head to the location.

  1. Procurement and Logistics

For companies which handle large merchandise like the solar company, a procurement and logistics personnel is quite important. She/He is in charge taking inventory and ensuring that movement of the products from one point to the other is done without hiccups.


These are a few careers in the solar industry. And it is a great option to consider taking on a career here. Here are a few reasons why

You will be contributing to the welfare of the environment

Choosing to work in the solar industry sets your career on a thriving path, as against other sources of energy which are slowly becoming obsolete.

Would you like to learn more about solar careers or make a shift to solar energy? Click the link

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