How to Avoid Solar Scammers

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How to Avoid Solar Scammers

Not every solar installer is reputable, and this poses a threat to consumer confidence as solar power is a relatively new technology in Nigeria.  People know what to look out for when purchasing a home or a car but are much less likely to be able to weed out a solar scammer. Luckily, there are very numerous ways to identify providers that will fall short of your expectations and make you just another one of their victims.

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. Make sure to read the following points carefully and contact us if you need further help on this topic or any other topic concerning solar.

  • Do Your Research

This is a must. Sometimes, the need to do research on things may seem tedious and time consuming. It really should not be viewed in that light. Doing a market research will give you insight on many things you would need to have at the back of your mind when approaching a solar provider. Not only does it give estimates, research will also make you conversant with solar terms and components. By the time you are set for an installation, most of the processes and components will not be alien to you.

At this step, you will be able to make comparisons based on the experience of the solar providers as well the prices and flexibility they offer. Simply put, it is finding what works best for you

  • Ensure You Have a Contract

Your research is usually concluded by partnering with the solar company that matches all your needs. A company that is willing to provide a contract is more likely to be reputable. When partnering with a solar company, ensure you have a legal contract which states their terms and conditions in full as well as an agreement of both parties.

  • Get References

One of the best ways to know the accountability of solar provider is following up on reviews from previous customers. Clients who have partnered with a service provider will have either good or bad experiences to share. A reputable company will have mostly good reviews and ratings. In many cases, individuals with good experiences from a particular company will quickly refer you to them and will be insistent you partner with the company for your solar needs.

  • Ask for Long-Term Warranties

The components of your solar system should come with warranties. Going solar is a long-term investment and you want to get the best out of it. While each component might have a different warranty time frame, they must be long enough to surpass your payback time frame. For example, your panels should have a warranty of at least twenty years and the inverters could span for 3-5 years. It is important to know how many years the warranty covers for each component.

  • Choose a Financial Package

Finally, a proper follow up of these steps and articulating your power needs will allow you ascertain what financial package the solar company offers that will work best with you. A reputable solar company will in most cases offer different solar packages to best suit home and business owners. There should be flexibility in payment methods to ease financial strain. This indicates an organization that wants a long term relationship with you rather than treating you like a one-time hit.


The above precautious measures would help when making a shift to solar. Would you like to get a solar quote? Click the link to get started

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