Get Started With Solar Power in 4  Simple Steps

Over 90 Million Nigerians Lack Electricity.
The Japanese government to commence training of 100 youths in Imo on the use of solar energy.
Get Started With Solar Power in 4  Simple Steps

When solar technology first came to Nigeria it was a luxury item that most could not afford despite the widespread need for it. The upfront cost was a stretch even for those running a diesel generator. However, in the last 5 years the affordability of solar has changed significantly whilst power supply has become more erratic and fuel prices unstable.
More affordable payment plans have increased access to solar technology for those with a limited budget. Does this mean that now is the right time for you to get a solar home system? The simple answer is yes.

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Why continue to experience perpetual generator fuel and maintenance costs and limited power supply? Here’s how you can get started with solar in 4 simple steps.

Step 1 – Determine how much going solar will cost you

Firstly, you need to determine how much going solar will cost you. The cost is not just the solar panels but also key components such as the inverter, batteries, charge controllers, wiring, mounting racks and labour of the installation team. Choose a reputable installer who can provide you with a simple and comprehensive quotation. Beware of below market rate estimates as these can indicate suppliers are using unreliable equipment or do not offer long term maintenance and servicing which is critical.

Step 2 – Calculate how much not going solar will cost you

Whilst it’s natural to want to know how much you will pay for your Solar Home System your focus should be on the life cycle cost of continuing to run your generator versus the cost of a solar home system. Start by calculating your current monthly generator fuel and maintenance bill and compare that with how much you would spend on a monthly solar repayment plan. Then take it one step further and consider your expenditure over a 25- year period. You should see the speed at which your solar home system will pay for itself.

Step 2 – Consider flexible payment plans

One of the greatest tools you have when going solar is the availability of new and flexible payment plans. After all, we know that tying up your capital is never a smart move. Paying small small can allow you to get installed straight away whilst investing the money you would have spent to generate income.

 Step 4 – Don’t forget the intangibles  

Whilst money is always on our mind, going solar isn’t just about saving. There are benefits that are just as important. A solar home system eliminates noise and pollution and gives you total comfort and peace in your home.

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