Have you ever thought about the origin of your name?

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Have you ever thought about the origin of your name?

Have you ever wondered what is the origin of your name(s)?Do you know that it might be related to or inspired by  the sun?

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It may come as a surprise but really, it should not.This is because for countless of ages, the Sun has being a source of constant support and supplier of our needs. From providing light, creating warmth for our environment(earth) to safeguarding our health(through Vitamin D gotten from sunshine), it has always been there for us. This realization should spur in us a re-think and give due honor to the creator(The Almighty).No wonder,the ancients revered and actually took to worshipping it as a deity(a god).

As a point to note, the sun is invaluable. Its presence actually sustains life on the planet.

Without it, our health will be endangered, all planets will freeze and we will not have access to environmental-friendly energy the sun provides.

Think about it.Your solar batteries,calculators,lanterns,panels e.t.c  are sustained by the sun.

Even your Electricity needs could be significantly affected if the sun is ‘missing in action’.

Anyway, the appreciation for what we get from the sun actually inspired the creation names for some ancients.

For example, here are some baby boy names  in Europe ,The West and Asia.


Sunday- The day of the Sun

Apollo – paying tribute to the sun

Elio(spanish)-same as above




What about african names in Nigeria?

Anyaanwu – eyes of the sun (ibo name)


To be continued…

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