*How to position your solar panels on roof-tops during installation – practical examples*

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*Really,do you know the long-run implications of using different types of batteries for your solar system?*
*How to position your solar panels on roof-tops during installation – practical examples*

Gradually,Solar panels are becoming a common sight all over the country.The desire for 24 hrs electricity has driven some pro-active individuals to get their panels installed in suburban areas and even in remote villages.
Of course, we all know what the local power supply is. And for fuel generators,the discomfort gotten from them in terms of noise and air pollution makes it a dreaded reality of ‘purchased health problem’.
In response to the power situation above, installations are on-going and have continued to increase.Atleast,over 500 installations have been made nation-wide and more are still coming.
With respect to the success of current installations, here are some tips for a better job.
1.For sharp roof edges(or conical tops), use a suspender or stand as the one below

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2.For dual line installations as the ones below,it is better to use an x-crossed suspender.However depending on the length of space available, do ensure it’s not too close to the edge of the roof so as to prevent it from falling off.

3.Depending on the level or flatness of the rooftop surface, a suspender such as the one below may be enough. Its height from the surface is liitle (due to almost non-existent contours) but appropriate .

4.Also remember to keep the panels neatly aligned within the space allocated for installation.
5.Keeping the glassy surface of the panels facing upwards(in the direction of the Sun) is the best.

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