*Really,do you know the long-run implications of using different types of batteries for your solar system?*

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Nigeria in 2017 still doesn’t have constant power. Who is to blame?
*Really,do you know the long-run implications of using different types of batteries for your solar system?*

You definitely have made use of batteries in a way.

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Either in your wrist-watches, calculators, or cars.

No doubt, they are key components of any system.

The same is true for solar systems.

Batteries are a very essential part of a full solar system because of the power storage function it performs. The support they provide for systems are essential –with respect to their function as power back-up

There are several classifications of solar inverter batteries. Here are a few of them:


Lead Acid Batteries
Maintenance Free batteries
Tubular Batteries


Lead Acid Batteries are not as expensive as the maintenance free batteries because of the fact that they require regular maintenance. The electrolyte level check  and topping up has to be done regularly.It pays off in the long run if these maintenance check are carried out regularly. The battery life of a lead acid battery is minimum of 4yrs and can even last longer than that if the maintenance check is regularly done.


The Maintenance Free Batteries are more expensive because it doesn’t require  any regular maintenance check and they are safer because it doesn’t emit any dangerous acidic substance. However, the risk of buying a fake one is very high because you can’t easily tell if they have been refurbished and generally the life span of a maintenance free battery is between 2yrs to 3yrs-that is if you purchase the original one.

Above all, the cost implication is that you may end up spending more if you go for maintenance free battery instead of the lead acid batteries because the risk of changing your batteries often is higher.


Tubular Batteries are a higher grade of lead acid batteries.They don’t require  regular maintenance check and acid top up unlike the lead acid batteries, it’s more expensive than the lead acid batteries because the maintenance level is lower and it has a longer battery life span of minimum of 8yrs. The financial implication of the Tubular batteries is that it may cost you more in the short run but it pays off in the long run.


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