How Beneficial Solar is as an alternative form of Power Supply

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The value of solar cannot be over-emphasized.When compared to traditional forms of power supply, it is no doubt user-friendly and dependable.Apart from the fact that it is a renewable source of energy,there are other benefits that accrue:

1.Lesser Electricity Bills:

When you go solar, you tend to pay lesser electricity bills since when there is outage,your Solar system automatically comes on.



2.It is Cheaper to maintain in the long-run:

If you compare the cost of fueling and maintaining other power supply sources such as your generators,it is relatively cheaper for each subsequent years

3.Stress-free maintenance:

Apart from checking the batteries and ensuring they are in good condition,Only a periodic wipe of the panels(possibly weekly,monthly or yearly) is needed to put them in good shape.

4.It is weather proof:

Due to the way the panels are built,they are meant to survive snow,cold or any form of precipitation – even when the temperatures drop below zero degrees!

5.Durable and dependable:

Most Solar panels come with a minimum warranty(shelf-life guarantee) of 20 years and above.

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