How to Install Batteries for Your Solar Home Systems

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What Solar Home Systems are and their electrical Value

A battery is a device made up of one or more electrochemical cells with outbound connections designed to power electrical appliances.They are manufactured for Solar Home Systems and serve as backup for inbound electrical current.

Batteries convert chemical energy into electrical energy by a chemical reaction. Usually the chemicals are placed inside the battery. It is used to power device parts in a circuit. It produces direct current (DC) electricity .


To install batteries for your solar home systems,you will need three items:

  1. The battery(ies) itself2.A rack3.Well ventilated space



Ensure that the batteries are in good condition before use

Make sure that the state of charge is appropriate

Ensure that it is insulated

Ensure that the space to be used is not littered with items or obstructions

Check to see that the space is suitable for clear viewing,inspection and maintenance

Place the rack in the designated space

Place the batteries inside or within the confinements of the racks



Batteries should not be accessed by non-technical personell or persons without technical knowledge and safety protocols.They are hazardous in nature!

Ensure that cell caps on flooded batteries should be easily reachable

Use appropriate wiring measurement and interconnections to avoid sparks

Below are examples of good battery installations done in Nigeria


Depending on the type of solar panels to be used ,they can be simple or hybrid.

Most batteries come in packs of two,four,eight,twelve or as stipulated by the Solar home system plan in use.

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