How Diatomic Photosynthesis Inspires Solar Technology

An Invention That Proves Solar is a Wonderful Source of Energy
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How Diatomic Photosynthesis Inspires Solar Technology

One of the most abundant source of energy is the sun. This fact is evident through the number of systems, organisms and plant life that needs it for survival. Apart from humans and animals that needs its warmth, plants  also use them in a special way. How? Through Photosynthesis. A process that converts Sunlight into energy.

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Scientists working on improving solar technology have been inspired by how  Diatoms( organisms located in the sea) use photosynthesis to manufacture energy. Due to their water presence, they do a  lot of photosynthetic activities. They harvest light in a similar way like grasses and other plants but a special quality makes them stand out. They have  three light –absorbing molecules that take in light rapidly.

Solar Panel technologists and Scientists are studying it closely and working to ensure that the Diatomic approach of photosynthesis is used in solar technology.This will be innovated upon when manufacturing Solar Panels and will increase light absorption rate.


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