Merry Merry Solar Installations that guarantee 24 hrs Electricity.

How Diatomic Photosynthesis Inspires Solar Technology
How Nigeria’s fuel scarcity is threatening the fun of the Xmas Season

Hy there! Season’s greetings from Solynta.

We know this is an important part of the year.And so as usual,Preparation for celebrations are ongoing.

Installations too are being done to keep pace with the preparations as well.

Unfortunately the fuel scarcity/hoard threatened to make it a sad one,but some customers escaped that unhappy moment by having their installations done.And the list is building up.

Below are 1kw,2kw and 5kw installations done  live in lagos.


Even Schools are not left out.


At the moment, they are enjoying their festive season with 24hrs electricity due to their proactive thinking.

Remember, what is what doing at all is what doing well. Plan  your energy needs ahead.

Have a Merry Weekend!

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