How REAN(Renewable Energy Association Of Nigeria) Supports The Solar Service We Get

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A trade association or  industry trade group(also business association) is an organization founded and funded by businesses that operate within a specific industry.They are set up to protect and further the interest of individuals,companies and groups within that industry.

More importantly,they help to uphold the standards of goods,transactions and business practices in the sector.This is actually beneficial for Stakeholders,delivery partners and even the average consumer like you and I.

Every trade has its association and the Solar or Renewable Energy Industry, is no different.

The Trade association regulating the industry is REAN (Renewable Energy Association  Of Nigeria)

It was launched on the 24th of November 2016 to   promote the growth and development of the industry in Nigeria.

How does it accomplish this?

It does so by engaging with the public and private sector to guide advocacy, policy formulation and investment in the sector.

What is its Mission?

Its mission is “to be the umbrella association for all Renewable Energy promoters enabling and encouraging the sustainable development of the Nigerian economy through Renewable Energy“.


What Is its vision?

Its vision is “to promote strategies that will improve the contribution of renewable energy up to forty percent (40%) of the National Energy Mix by 2030″.


What are its Key Objectives?

To promote Nigerian Local content in the renewable energy industry.

To promote the interests of members of the Renewable energy industry among Government, Donor organizations, Non-governmental organizations, General Public and any other organizations that may impact on the development and general well-being of the industry.

To create a forum for the dissemination and exchange of information and ideas on matters relating to renewable energy development and utilization in Nigeria.

To create increased public awareness in renewable energy through publications, advertisements, endorsements, seminars, conferences, advertising and promotional campaigns of any nature.

To assist the Government and industry on all issues related to renewable energy technologies including energy policy formulation, standards, taxation etc and speak as one body for Renewable Energy Technologies in Nigeria.

To identify and keep up to date contacts of all members, government policy makers, and other renewable energy interest groups, associations and a database of projects.

To promote professionalism in the industry by encouraging the adoption of good engineering practices, standards and certification systems(quality products, design, installation and maintenance) among the members of the renewable energy industry.

To encourage better business practices and tendering procedures by maintaining good ethical and moral standards among the members of the renewable energy industry.

To undertake or assist in mediation of disputes between the members of the association, the public in general and consumers of renewable energy as well as any organizations directly or indirectly affected by renewable energy utilization.

To act as a link between the industry , the government, consumer groups, international organizations, and other renewable energy associations.

To protect the consumers of renewable energy products and services in all aspects especially by encouraging the standardization of renewable energy equipment, components and services such as installation and maintenance.

To apply for, acquire and hold charters, legislation, privileges, monopolies, licenses, concessions, patents or other rights or powers from the Nigerian Government or local authorities or any other statutory body and to exercise, carry on and use, any powers, rights or privileges so obtained.

Who are its members?

Currently, it has 23 members of which Solynta Energy is one of them.

Where is it located?

It has its offices at the NESG(Nigerian Economic Summit Group) House, both in Lagos and Abuja.

Their presence is also a guarantee of quality  in service delivery from Solar companies(such as Solynta) to their customers.


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